Elect The Regents

The University of California System has a $25.6 billion operating expense. We are proposing a ballot proposition to the Attorney General to make Regents Elected like four other states in the country like Colorado and Michigan. People are starting to ask why tuition fees had increased three times faster than inflation since 2010; why administrative and athletic salaries seem high; and why the California in state attendance is at an all-time low.

The Regents are populated largely by wealthy alumni and political appointees. Tuition escalates, along with questions about what students and their families are getting for their money and why outside students are gaining in population.

Many Regents receive no financial training, and more than a quarter admit that they do not undertake much budgetary or financial oversight. Since governor often chooses Regents, the Regents sometimes become vehicles for the Governors’ views, and that means good governance means you’re supposed to be there thinking about the best interest of the UC institution, not lobby on behalf of narrow interests or politics.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

Sam Greenblatt


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