One thought on “La Jolla Light

  1. My home is near the University on La Jolla Shores Dr/La Jolla Farms. Been living here since June 1974. When the city allowed the UCSD to establish roots on N. Torrey Pines Road, that use to be the Mathew Campus , we were told that it would be a small campus only, with maybe 10-20 thousand students.
    Wrong. We were lied to. Institutional encroachment started gradually and caused considerable damage to our way of life in this neighborhood. The noise .. the traffic that does not adhere to the posted speed limit is not tolerable at times. The city does nothing to curb this infringement. Out of 10 homes in the section of Azul and La Jolla Shores Drive, 2 are occupied by the owners, while the rest are rented out to students, by what I call ‘Slum Lords’ who collect thousands of Dollars. Many of us in this neighborhood have been trying to fight the screaming, shouting and the debris left behind by partying hordes of kids. Police has been called, but their presence and authority is nothing more than a drop into the bucket.
    Adding more and more buildings .. such as the Post Graduate, one and 2 bedroom apartments .. 300 of them has added to the traffic. We can no longer stand by and allow more and more buildings, some being 10 stories high, to be added for student living quarters . The UCSD has reached the proportions of a city next to La Jolla, the small community I remember when I moved here in 1962. The people need to stem this tide as enough is enough.


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